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The Art of Edward Alexander Hastings


Sibyl of Delphi
- part
- Michelangelo

This is the first painting I ever did.

After a trip to the Sistine Chapel and my wife telling me I should give painting a try. I laughed of course as I was not any kind of artist. Well after plenty of her nagging, I read up on fresco painting and then decided to give watercolor painting a try as I figured watercolor was kind of close to fresco painting for some reason. So this was my first ever attempt at watercolor painting.

I basically painted from a photo in a book trying to make it match. I have sense repainted this image 3 more times; one more watercolor and 2 acrylics. They are here in the 'Early Works' section with exception to the last acrylic which is in the Michelangelo section.


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