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The Art of Edward Alexander Hastings


Windsor Memories

This painting was a gift for our friend Patsy who was a neighbor of ours while we were living in Windsor England.

Patsy made our time in England very special and I wanted to give her a special gift before we moved back to the States. The painting represents several things we enjoyed together or had special meaning: Sitting in our Garden Area / Gavi Wine / M&S Hot Chocolate / English Tea / M&S Cheese Biscuits / Eton Excelsior Rowing Club / Sheep Skin Slippers / Women’s Hats / Garter Day at Windsor Castle.

While living in England we were able to travel to 20 different countries to visit many wonderful and exciting places. From all our travels and everything we were able to do, attending Garter Day had to be the highlight. It was amazing to witness all the pageantry and to see the Queen and other Royals so close.  Thanks to Patsy who works at St. George’s Chapel in the Castle, we were able to attend Garter Day three times.

Now that we have returned to Colorado, we still stay in touch and talk a few times a month. Patsy has come to visited us in Colorado and we hope to return to Windsor to visit her in the future.


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