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Edward Alexander Hastings
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I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma graduating with a computer science degree in 1985.  After college I moved to Dallas Texas for two years before moving to Colorado in 1987.

My wife Chris and I have lived in various Colorado towns including the mountain town of Bailey and currently against the foothills in the Roxborough area of Littleton.

The only exception to living in Colorado is a 3 year period where we lived in Windsor England just outside of London.  During that time we traveled to 17 European countries as well as China, India and the United Arab Emirates.

On a trip to Italy in 2003, I had the opportunity to visit Rome and the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.  I was so inspired by Michelangelo's ceiling that I decided to give painting a try.  My wife pointed to the Sistine ceiling and said I should try and paint some of the scenes.  Of course I laughed as I was not an artist and had never had any formal art training, but after constant nagging I decided I better give it a try.  I first experimented with watercolors and later with acrylics.  I had no idea what I was doing and did not even know how to mix paint so you can imagine my first attempts were more than awful.  After some experimentation, things started to click and it turned out that I actually had some talent for painting.  I decided the best way to learn was to learn from the master, so I taught myself to paint from photos of Michelangelo’s scenes.  I simply tried to match the shapes and colors bit by bit until I had completed the entire painting.

I originally experimented with watercolors but moved on to acrylics and most recently oil.  I still occasionally paint a Michelangelo but I enjoy being creative and coming up with my own original ideas as well as painting portraits, wildlife and abstracts.

You may notice that my early paintings are signed Ed or Eddie while my more recent ones are signed Alexander.  I figured I never use my middle name so why not now.  With exception to a few small paintings signed with my initials EAH, I now sign everything Alexander.

I hope you enjoy my art and my website.


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