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Jessi Stensland
Professional Triathlete

As I am a triathlete myself, I ran across a photo of Jessi on a website for a race I recently did.  I really liked the photo so I decided to paint it.  I contacted Jessi and she liked it as well and  I hope to have her sign it in the near future.

A Night on the Town
Just for Fun

I like this painting because several of the figures remind me of people I know - I won't say who.


I love to paint the human form and this one just happened to turn our exceptionally well.

Sibyl of Delphi (part)
Repainting Michelangelo

Michelangelo's Sibyl of Delphi is a beautiful scene from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The is the scene I chose when I was first learning to paint. You will see my first attempts in the 'Early Works' section and finally this version in the 'Repainting Michelangelo' section.


Windsor Memories

As I mention in the comments for this painting in the Impressionism area, I created this for a very close friend of mine who made my time living in England more than I could have ever imagined.  Everything in the painting is representative of something we shared together.

Lion on the Rocks

This is a lion from the Denver zoo and I think it turned out very well for an earlier painting of mine.

The Itch

Helping my first dog Schmoquee scratch an itch.

The Red Shoes

This is just a fun painting that I really like - for obvious reasons.

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